Welcome to Dhar Group of Companies

The DHAR Group of Companies is a privately held, family owned company and one of the fastest growing business groups in Africa.

For nearly a half-century, the DHAR Group of Companies has exponentially expanded operations spanning three continents, with companies that have contributed to Africa's growth in multiple industries reaching from ICT and Education to Tourism and Construction to Manufacturing and Financial Services as well as Mining and Mineral Beneficiation.

Proudly South African, The DHAR Group of Companies prides itself on its record of corporate responsibility in many areas that are critical to the further growth and development of South Africa.

As a family-owned company that conducts business based on experiences gained in the course of three generations of entrepreneurial application, incentives a working climate characterised by mutual trust and individual motivation. The courage to follow new paths, the continuous innovation of products and processes, the thoughtful usage of resources and the environment, and especially the unbounded passion of entrepreneurial innovation, are the fundaments on which the organisational culture in DHAR Group of Companies is based.

A rich family heritage that dates back to 1389 AD. Shri Meeru Pandit Dhar, a Chief Commander that led the armies of the Moghul dynasty at the time from 1389 – 1412 AD heads up the family tree and over 600 years later the direct descendants of the Commander today lead the DHAR Group of Companies into the future.

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